The Interior Styling Of Sabrina Monte-Carlo

By Ben Roberts

While the world of interior design is seen as an all-encompassing pursuit, ultimately resulting in the creation of unparalleled luxury, there are infinite levels of detail at work. In this instance, we talk to Sabrina Monteleone, Founder of Sabrina Monte-Carlo, about what details make a luxury yacht a home, and how a simple nuance can make a home a palace.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo is a well-established brand in the world of high-end luxury furniture suppliers. In collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers, Sabrina Monte-Carlo creates a unique style for each project, not merely assembling a collection of objects but rather imagining an elegant environment that suits their clients best.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo apply this concept in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces from apartments, villas, terraces and yachts to mountain chalets and private jets. In order to realize such projects, Sabrina Monte-Carlo collaborates with some of the finest suppliers in the industry including Paola Lenti, B&B Italia, Maxalto, Baxter, Baccarat, Saint-Louis, Christofle, Hermès, Lalique.

“I founded my company in 1999 as a boutique of decoration articles and of interior design for villas, chalets and apartments,” explains Sabrina Monteleone. “We now count two showrooms in Monaco - one of which is dedicated to the “Art of the Table”- a third one in the port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and a fourth one in Menton.”

“In yachting, we have provided from tableware to indoor and outdoor furniture over 80 yachts on an international level both motor and sailing yachts of great dimensions. It is part of my DNA, since I live in Monaco, a place always synonymous with luxury, glamour, magic and timeless beauty, which is becoming more and more the international yachting capital.”

Going from luxury private residences to the world of superyachting is a degree of separation that involves a whole new level of thought when adorning space with all manner of rare and exotic furnishings.

“Luxury is in the details. The details for me are sacred. On board yachts almost everything needs to be customized. That’s why we have developed an own branded line of accessories, such as linen, fabrics, towels, and we create personalized custom-made items for every single yacht and client.

“I adore the variety of requests that I receive and which I manage to satisfy thanks to our comprehensive luxurious offer, our continuous research and the ensuing unique value proposition that we offer to our clients. It’s more the exact expression of a space, the reflection of the unique personality of each owner. So “Why being special when you can be unique?’ is my main motto.”

By Ben Roberts
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