The Largest Superyacht Launches of 2022

By Emily Dawkins

2022 has been a phenomenal year. Welcoming the return to a ‘new normal’ following the turbulent effects of the pandemic, the past year has seen several incredible milestones for the superyacht industry. As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at the largest, and most significant Top 100 vessels that have joined the global superyacht fleet.

160m BLUE

Builder: Lurssen

The largest superyacht launch of 2022 was Lurssen Yachts' 160m BLUE. Hitting the water at the end of February, this magnificent, and highly-anticipated, 160m superyacht took the industry by storm when she was revealed from her shed at Lurssen’s Bremen-based facilities at the beginning of the year.

With little revealed at her launch, later at the time of her delivery in July, the German shipyard revealed that BLUE has been built to be as environmentally friendly as possible; fitted with a brand new, highly efficient Diesel-Electric Hybrid Propulsion Concept.

Equipped with cutting-edge features, it was only fitting for BLUE’s substantial profile to be of equal grandeur; designed inside and out by world-leading yacht designer Terence Disdale Design.

After her launch, BLUE became the fifth-largest superyacht in the world, and the second-largest Lurssen-built superyacht, 20 metres behind its iconic 180m AZZAM.

146m OPERA

Builder: Lurssen

Another spectacular new superyacht that was launched from Lurssen’s facilities in 2022 is 146m OPERA. Despite being briefly spotted in May 2021, OPERA was hidden from the world until her launch in mid-September, which showcased her numerous decks, twin helipads and stunning white profile. 

After her launch in September, it was confirmed that Terence Disdale Design penned both the exterior and interior of OPERA: another incredible 2022-launched superyacht from the drawing boards of the London-based design studio. Featuring similar design qualities to 160m BLUE, OPERA steals the limelight with her elegant profile which combines taut lines with curvaceous accents; a worthy vessel for the number 10 spot in the Top 100 largest yachts in the world. 

As the second megayacht launched in 2022 by the recognised German shipyard, there is no doubt that Lurssen has once again proved itself as the industry leader in regard to building some of the largest superyachts in the world.

127m Y721

Builder: Oceanco

The world’s largest sailing yacht, codenamed Y721, hit the water for the first time this August. Built by leading Dutch shipyard Oceanco, the record-breaking vessel stands at an incredible 127 metres: becoming the largest sailing superyacht in the world, and the largest yacht (by length) to have ever been built in the Netherlands, and by Oceanco. 

Details of the 127m Y721 have, as always with yachts of such size, remained tightly under wraps since the news of her sale in 2018. Rumoured to be built for American tech entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, Y721 was first revealed when she was rolled from her shed in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands in October 2021.

The three-masted schooner’s black steel hull features a dramatic red line, whilst her superstructure is finished in white and warm woods. Y721 is yet another magnificent build from Oceanco, which has once again achieved its mission in creating the most advanced and inspiring motor and sailing yachts in the world. Y721 now sits in the 25th position in the Top 100 as she awaits delivery to her owner.  

118m Project 1010

Builder: Feadship

The forth largest vessel to hit the water this year was Feadship’s Project 1010. Leaving her Makkum-based outfitting shed in August, Project 1010 becomes the Dutch shipyard’s largest superyacht build to date, standing at an incredible 118m in length. 

After year’s of industry anticipation, there was plenty of excitement surrounding the mammoth superyacht’s final design. With such sheer size, the challenge was accepted by celebrated yacht designer Espen Øino. 

Featuring a breathtaking midnight blue hull, bright white superstructure and attractive curved lines along her profile, Project 1010 is a completely unique superyacht from the yard. Images reveal several of her luxurious features: a main deck swimming pool; large, upper deck helipad; and an impressive glass pod skylounge. 

As the largest build from Feadship, Project 1010 is now ranked 33rd in the largest superyachts in the world.


Builder: Oceanco

Largely recognised by her codename Y720, 109m SEVEN SEAS marks the fifth largest superyacht to be launched this year. Another milestone in 2022 for Dutch shipyard Oceanco, SEVEN SEAS stunned the industry with her unique pale grey hull, and most notably, the significant amount of glass and windows that impressively stretch around her main, upper and bridge deck. 

The spectacular exterior and interior designs of SEVEN SEAS were crafted by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, who worked closely with the owner to ensure that the 109m remained completely one-of-a-kind. Alongside her impeccable design, SEVEN SEAS is fitted with technologically advanced environmental systems, that have been engineered specifically and as a result, now exceed the current regulations.

At 109m, the launch of SEVEN SEAS this year has placed her as the 52nd largest superyacht in the world.

Year after year the superyacht industry celebrates the launch of bigger, bolder and better designs. There is no doubt that 2022 has been an extraordinary year for superyacht launches, with shipyards, in many ways, delivering the next generation of Top 100 vessels.

It goes without saying however, that these monumental superyachts would not exist without the hard work of thousands of industry specialists, yachting experts and talented professionals. would like to applaud the hard work of each and every individual who has been involved in the incredible superyacht builds that we have witnessed launch this year.

We're certainly looking forward to next year. 

"We are very proud of BLUE as yet another statement of Lurssen’s ability and desire to build yachts that meet all of our exacting Owners’ requirements..."

Peter Lurssen, Managing Partner, Lurssen


"We are very proud of BLUE as yet another statement of Lurssen’s ability and desire to build yachts that meet all of our exacting Owners’ requirements..."

Peter Lurssen, Managing Partner, Lurssen
By Emily Dawkins
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