The Monaco Yacht Show 2012 Round Up

By Ben Roberts

Since its inception the Monaco Yacht Show has been a remarkable tour de force in the superyacht industry. And as the 22nd edition of the show draws to a close, has gathered an incredible amount of interviews with the biggest names in attendance alongside a sweeping view of the world’s most unique industry.

There’s no doubt surrounding the turbulence of the last few years, but with 100 yachts at the port and an entire armada at anchor, the hundreds of world-renowned companies exhibiting at the show have been kept extremely busy. hosted the Breaking News Centre for the third year running this week, gathering exciting information from representatives across the globe alongside some amazing footage from around the show.

Our roaming camera man alone has been working with airborne video drones, filming at sea, onboard yachts such as Lady Linda, Harbour Island, Okko and Sherakhan, on a Flyboard, up the mast of the 48m Silencio and at luxurious events, including our own on Harbour Island. 

Meanwhile, Interviews with Henk de Vries, Charlie Birkett, Jonathan Beckett, Espen Oeino, Tim Heywood, Billy Smith, Andrew Winch, Donald Starkey and Hein Velema (to name but a few) have helped break it’s own personal records with 50 interviews providing a new angle of insight into the superyacht industry.

It depends where you compare [the superyacht industry] with,” comments Hein Velema, CEO of Fraser Yachts. “A lot of people compare it back to the 2006/7 years and that the superyacht industry is still in a crisis. I think that’s the wrong perspective. If you look at a longer time scale and compare, for example, what we’re doing today to 2004/5, then we’re not doing that bad at all.”

The docks are very busy,” Gaelle Tallarida explains on the second morning of the show.A lot of people already came for the first day, and exhibitors are quite optimistic about how the show will go in the next few days. We already had a lot of people talking about the show worldwide in the international media, so it’s very good to hear that all of the world is looking at the show this week.

Monaco is good. It’s a lot better than last year but I expect you’ve been hearing that through the day,” notes Henk de Vries, CEO of Feadship. “Last year was already better than it was since the beginning of the crisis. No bones about it there’s still a crisis going on but the good guys are busy. We have to be sharp and quick on our feet, competition is fierce but that’s okay … you can not be complacent and sit back, if you do, you’re history.

It’s been an incredibly successful edition of the Monaco Yacht Show for, and as we head back to the UK with more interviews to release and a busy schedule over the remainder of the year, we can safely say that we’re looking forward to bringing you more news and exciting updates from across the world.

By Ben Roberts