The Monaco Yacht Show 2017 Round Up

By Ben Roberts

The 27th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show has been fuelled by the fires of change, with the return of an expanding industry, and a 125-strong fleet of the latest, greatest and most amazing superyachts on the market today. With the team checking the pulse of an industry through the Breaking News Centre, we return once more to bring you the annual Monaco Yacht Show Round Up.

One of the key insights that greatly enhanced our view from the show was a discussion with His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, who joined us on Jubilee to shine a light on the part MYS plays in the bigger picture of the Principality.

“It’s really ingrained into the fabric of the community and internationally,” explained H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. “I think it’s really helped in the promotion of the Principality. [It's] a great ambassador for the Principality in terms of prestige and showcasing Monaco as a centre for the yachting industry.”

The accolade and integration recognised by His Serene Highness himself is just one of the signifiers cementing this as a demanding, but extremely successful example of an evolving industry.

This is, after all, the platform in which all marine and luxury exhibitors use to promote and unveil the latest developments whilst coming together to discuss the next step to stay on top; allowing us to take note of the changes underway across the yachting industry.

With Yersin, an explorative research yacht in H.S.H. Prince Albert II’s charge, the discussion on board Jubilee turned to sustainability and adventure; enhancing the industry’s recognition for change.

We asked Espen Oeino and Jonny Horsfield about their work on the ground-breaking REV project, providing in turn an answer that shone a light on the ethos of the modern explorer and its owner.

Over 180m, REV is - like Yersin - dedicated to research and ocean conservation, but on a huge scale. This will be the flagship of the stripped-back exploration lifestyle which has been on the table of major discussions across the show.

“This is a trend we have, going to more remote parts of the world,” explains Espen Oeino. “I think the explanation is that perhaps people are more into experiences few have done before them as well. People want to use the vessel for other things other than a holiday home and vacation.”

Spending more time on board is another theme running throughout the show, with yachts like Cloud 9 acting as the perfect example. Speaking with both Andrew Winch and Stefano de Vivo, we learned about the trend that’s keeping owners on deck.

“The owner sat down and said, 'I want a charter boat, but I want a boat where I can stay with my family on board, have my kids studying on board. I want to stay six months of the year on the boat," explains Stefano de Vivo.

“It’s a holiday boat,” adds Andrew Winch, “but the owner’s have been on board for over four months non-stop, two children, Mr & Mrs, the teacher, the nanny, guests and the owner’s mother, they’ve lived on board for four months and it’s home.

The brokers bringing these revolutionary clients to the designers and shipyards are noticing more trends than just exploration as owners demand broaden amongst new technology and new possibilities.

While Fraser Yachts spoke to us about the constant call for sustainability, Chris Cecil Wright joined us in the studio to discuss the opportunity to use Cryptocurrency in the brokerage process; Burgess Yachts brought us the latest view from the shifting market landscape and Ocean Independence introduced a stripped-back approach to bringing brokerage back to the fun-side.

Sustainability may have been an exciting key focus running through the discussions, but with more meetings and positive activity on the ground, it was business as usual for the show as thousands of visitors fought their way through four days of solid, qualitative discussions. As the show draws to a close, we are left anticipating the news of any post-show movement.

Drone footage by MC Clic.

"It’s really ingrained into the fabric of the community and internationally. I think it’s really helped in the promotion of the Principality."

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco


"It’s really ingrained into the fabric of the community and internationally. I think it’s really helped in the promotion of the Principality."

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco
By Ben Roberts