The Most Impressive Interiors at MYS 2019

By Anna Solomon

MYS 2019 is just around the corner, and we continue to shine a spotlight on the boats currently cruising into Port Hercules. We have looked at the biggest and the newest; today, we look at some of the most stunning interiors on offer in Monaco next week.

The interior of 111m Tis, at times, rivals Versailles for elegance - Parisian salon-inspired furniture abounds, custom-made crystal chandeliers tinkle above the dining table and hand-painted panels feature in an intimate tea room. The spectacular staircase sweeps up to the owners' deck, whilst an adjacent glass lift is a Beaux Arts gem. The bedrooms are no less spectacular, with a ceiling height of three metres in the master bedroom, as well as two fixed balconies, a terrace and seating area that overlooks the main saloon below.

Onboard M/Y Solo, unrivalled chic, soothing style and unapologetic edge begins in a beach area with an illuminated bar, and continues with a veined marble staircase laying an enticing path to the upper deck saloon. Here, a gargantuan home-cinema and another bar area exude moody lighting and earthy fabrics punctuated by glints of chrome. The main saloon replicates this vibe; here, decorative lamps and artworks, a mini aquarium and bespoke curiosities add complexity to the space. Magherita Casprini’s vision for Solo’s interior has culminated in a bold and beautiful space that pulsates with chic.

Albert Pinto's interior masterpiece matches Okto’s exterior futurism, totally upending the notion that luxury has to be traditional. Heavily influenced by the automotive industry, Okto’s silhouette exudes chic - her fusion of grey and black decking by Esthec even has the added bonus of being heel-proof. Stepping inside Okto, guests encounter a sea of nudes and creams punctuated by dramatic dashes of black and gold, all lit by statement light fixtures. At once sumptuously modern and glamorously royal, Okto truly is a testament to the skills of the late Albert Pinto.

Lady Sheridan
Lady Sheridan’s indoor areas are inundated with soft furnishings, bespoke pieces and innovative features. This focus on relaxation continues in the living room, where an armchair formation in the timeless palette of white, red and gold is served by coffee tables in polished mahogany. The upper saloon, meanwhile, is spearheaded by a statement bar in dark wood, whilst recessed lights in an embellished ceiling panels give the room a spangly, Art-Deco effect. Finally, staterooms are expanses of plush carpet, gilt mirrors, marble-effect wood and rich upholstery.

Secret’s interior is not one that will be forgotten in a hurry. Bold, modern, and commanding of attention, the adventure begins in a living space adorned with a curved sofa in bright red. The theme of primary colours, married with black and gold, makes for an audacious colour scheme accompanied by equally audacious shapes in novelty light fixtures, patterned fabrics and textured walls. The staterooms are truly special - the master puts an almost satirically modern spin on tradition, with gold-upholstered walls and oversized damask bedding.

By Anna Solomon
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