The Most Popular Charter Destinations of 2019

By Christina Tsangaris

When it comes to stylish charter destinations boasting hidden jewels waiting to be discovered, these five charter hot-spots offer the ultimate 2019 destinations on superyacht travellers global radar. Take a glimpse into our charter favourites where each destination offers a unique world of its own...

The Glittering United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has seen luxury travellers flock there at an exceeding rate. With some of the most luxury resorts across the region, from Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi to the much-loved Yas Marina, it proves the leaders in hospitality remain in the glistening hub of the UAE. From bespoke experiences across desert sand dunes to bespoke luxury shopping on board your superyacht, the region know exactly how to entice and allure its superyacht travellers through a world of glamour and opulence. Now, with the region's yachting infrastructure developing at an exceeding rate, it seems the country is well and truly equipped to deal with the biggest superyachts in the world. With the support, facilities and stand-out services for superyachts well and truly underway, it seems this extravegant hub for exploration is a 2019 favourite. Read our Abu Dhabi InDepth publication to learn more about Abu Dhabi.

The Adriatic Jewel of Montenegro 

This gem of rugged beauty and luxury hideouts combine to create the perfect emblem of Eastern Mediterranean bliss. Plunged on the map for superyacht travellers due to the stylish marina village of Porto Montenegro, the country waves the flag for an unassuming Mediterranean escape into rustic European shores. With a plethora of luxury marinas emerging, an array of boutique hotels and yachting support, Montenegro encompasses the ultimate alternative escape for superyacht owners and charter guests looking for something exceptional. Supremely private and breathtakingly beautiful, it invites luxury travellers the opportunity to soak up the visual drama of mountain backdrops, crystal azure seas, and a terrain of natural beauty waiting to be discovered.  Read our Montenegro InDepth publication to learn more about Montenegro.

The Pristine Bahamas 

The Bahamas, a glistening paradise retreat encompasses the best of a sunny Caribbean escape. An all time favourite destination for superyacht travellers and charter guests alike, this paradise escape offers luxury private island residences, chic resorts at the dozen, and bucket-list discoveries like the famous Pink Sand Beach at Harbour Island. Whether swimming with pigs at the famous Pig Beach or enjoying a private beachside dinner, each experience in The Bahamas is curated for luxury, privacy and unforgettable memories across your superyacht adventure. Jump off-deck and into the region's underwater world and step on land into the Caribbean retreat of The Bahamas. Read our Bahamas InDepth publication to find out more about The Bahamas.

The Rustic Island of Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda is the kind of simple, island escape that dreams are made of. It's stripped back island charm, warm hospitable locals and supreme luxury resorts such as Carlisle Bay mean that the destination is truly unparalelled. Charter guests are invited to hop off their yacht into a multitude of curated experiences. From yoga on the beach to zip lining across the island's lush forestry, there is a bespoke experience for adventurers,  zen-seekers, adrenaline junkies and nature lovers. As if made for luxury travellers in mind, Antigua's luxury marinas are equipped with everything charter guests, their captain and their crew require. Visit Antigua & Barbuda when the season is in full swing by attending Antigua Charter Show, where superyachts can be found in abundance and the island is alive with magic. Read our Anitgua InDepth publication to find out more about Antigua & Barbuda. 

Cayman Island Paradise 

Cayman Island is a little but loved member of our charter destination list proving good things come in small packages. Owed to its untouched beauty and sumptuous resorts, it is a step into utopian beauty perfect for charter guests seeking an off-the-radar escape, When visiting the Cayman Islands, it is easy to fall in love with the stripped-back allure. Whether you choose to bask in island bliss, take a culinary retreat into tasting the island's delicious island delicacies or sink your toes into its white sand beaches, it is easy to see why superyacht travellers escape and return here time and time again. Charter guests can expect everything and more from the Cayman Islands. Dive into its crystal clear waters or simply relax in its sun-drenched paradise,the choice is yours.  Read our Cayman InDepth publication to find out more about the Cayman Islands. 

By Christina Tsangaris