The MYBA Pop-Up Show 2016: A Broker Perspective

By Ben Roberts

The MYBA Pop Up Superyacht Show in Porto Montenegro is building momentum. With more brokers scheduled to arrive and a yacht list which grows as each day drops off the calendar, we take a look at the exciting sales and charter show extending the summer season through the perspective of the brokerage community.

A New Take on a Classic Format
I really enjoyed the inaugural MYBA Pop-Up Show in Porto Montenegro last year,” explains Fiona Maureso, Charter Director of Northrop & Johnson and President of MYBA. “It was a simple format that reminded me of boat shows in the early days, just agents and yachts, and no distractions. The Pop-Up this year is likely to be on a bigger scale but hopefully it won’t lose that simplicity.”

The second year is already preparing for exponential growth, with 92 brokers as of writing registered and ready to explore Montenegro. Compare this to the 76 brokers in attendance last year, and with three weeks left to go until opening day; the popularity is already evident.

“The MYBA Pop-Up Superyacht Show is set to become a leading superyacht event in this part of the world,” adds Y.CO broker Max Bulley. “Porto Montenegro is a world-class new superyacht marina, the home berth of a fantastic fleet of yachts, and the Adriatic is an increasingly popular charter destination.”

From a sales perspective,” continues Max, “this is a great opportunity to test the temperature of the current market here as well as to connect and reconnect with Clients and industry professionals. Now in its second year, the 2016 event will further to establish the show and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.”

A Rise in Attendance
The list of registered participants already includes brokerage houses such as Fraser, Burgess, Ocean Independence, Northrop & Johnson, Camper & Nicholson, Y.CO, IYC and Blue Water; all preparing to return or explore what Montenegro has to offer for the first time.

The reason why I’m going is because everyone involved last year were really happy with this show”, adds Tove Johnson of Fraser Yachts. Well organized in a beautiful setting and you are able to inspect yachts that you normally don’t see. Another very important aspect is to see the port and area as we send many clients this way and most of the charters (for Croatia and Greece) start in Montenegro as there is no VAT. I really look forward attending this year’s show and I think there will be more and more brokers going.”

“I went to the 1st edition of the MYBA pop-up show in Montenegro last year and it was my third time there.” says Nicolas Fry of Camper & Nicholsons’ Charter Division. “I go back this year as I was invited by the organizers, being one of their most active ambassadors within the charter industry and amongst our brokers. I will go there with [Charter Broker] Vaniese [Baldacchino], as she was eager to discover the destination and to participate in this fast growing show. I love the area as the Bay of Kotor is unique and so picturesque. And Porto Montenegro is just for me the best marina in the Med.”

"Montenegro (and Croatia) has seen an increase in business for the charter market this year with clients for Eastern European charters preferring these areas to Turkey given the recent turbulence there," explains Adelheid Chirco, Charter Director of Ocean Independence. "This market shift makes Montenegro the ideal place to show charter yachts, there are already more yachts making the area their home base, my own fleet has doubled here, so it makes sense for brokers to become better acquainted with both the area and the yachts available here."

Furthering the Natural Beauty of Montenegro
The infrastructure and vision behind Porto Montenegro, combined with an incredible natural landscape and geo-political location, makes this one of the focal yachting hubs which has been rapidly growing in popularity.

"The show provides charter brokers and managers with an excellent opportunity to learn something more about Montenegro, since it has become such a major hub for superyacht charters," explains Neil Moore, Director of Charter Management at Burgess. "Not only is learning more about the facilities in Kotor important for both the yachts and crews, but also for the client experience."

“The show represents an excellent opportunity for yachts to extend their summer season by attracting more charters in the Eastern Mediterranean,”
Tom Debuse, Director of Charter Management at Y.CO. “It also gives brokers the chance to experience and get to know one of the most popular jumping off points for charters in the Adriatic.”

The Adriatic continues to be an increasingly popular cruising destination and most charters in this area start in Porto Montenegro in order to benefit from the tax advantages,” continues Fiona Maureso. “For brokers, this is a wonderful opportunity to inspect charter and brokerage yachts in a stunning location that they are certainly aware of but may not be familiar with yet. For yachts that are finishing up the summer season in the Adriatic, the timing and location of the show is very convenient.”

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By Ben Roberts