The new Sea Axe 5009: Oberon

By M. Tempest

Oberon, the new Sea Axe 5009, has been launched by Amels, showing a new direction for fast yacht support vessels. The 50m Sea Axe 5009 vessel is purpose-built to provide round-the-clock service and support for a superyacht, travelling comfortably at high speeds in almost any sea state, thanks to the patented design of her axe bow.

With a top speed of 28 knots, this is the first vessel in the Fast Yacht Support market to make use of the axe bow.

The 50m Oberon is already in active service around the Mediterranean. Amels Managing Director Rob Luijendijk explained the appeal of such a vessel for superyacht owners: “Space on board the mother ship is at a premium,” he said. “The Sea Axe has a large capacity and is capable of carrying a helicopter, tenders, toys, fuels, consumables and waste, in addition to staff and relief crew.”

The axe bow is a proprietary design created jointly by DAMEN and Delft University of Technology under the direction of Dr ir J A (Lex) Keuning, Associate Professor of the Ship Hydromechanics Department. The theory of combining a deep forefoot with a very narrow entry in the bow created the possibility of significantly reducing the violent slamming motion of a ship in a rough seaway.

The theory was subsequently proven with the successful launch of 18 Axe bow vessels, which Damen has delivered for use in patrol, oil-rig supply, and other offshore duties where consistent speed, easy motion, heavy weather reliability, and good fuel economy are all essential factors.

Now with the launch of Oberon, Amels has taken the proven axe bow concept and applied it to a different market, to meet the demands for reliable support vessels among superyacht owners. The 50m Sea Axe is equipped with a 30m open deck with a total working area of 230 square metres and 250 tonnes of deck-cargo capacity. The deck crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 14 tonnes when extended to 10 metres. The Sea Axe 5009 can also be configured according to the client’s needs with a customised layout allowing more accommodation for crew.

The Sea Axe Support Vessel range sets new standards for support vessels, as Luijendijk explains. “We want to produce Fast Yacht Support vessels whose looks match their high performance, and which complement the mother ship rather than looking like the poor relation. This is why we offer the option of fairing and painting the Sea Axe hull to a standard that you would normally associate with a superyacht rather than support ship.

By M. Tempest
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