The New Wallycento Superyacht from Wally Yachts

By B. Roberts

The venerable designers and builders at Wally Yachts have proudly unveiled their new class of highly competitive 100’ cruising yachts, the Wallycento.

As they continue to push through the boundaries of luxury yacht design, Wally Yachts has introduced the Wallycento; a yacht developed from the innovative lines of the latest racing yachts, featuring reduced displacement, a powerful sail plan, moveable ballast, improved stability and planing hull characteristics.

“We were asked by several passionate owners to create a fleet of yachts sharing similar high performance,” explains Luca Bassani, Wally and Wally Class President. “The goal is to have even more fun by increasing the closeness of the racing and the competitive level of our very comfortable and fully equipped cruising yachts.”

Luca then went on to elaborate on the size of the yacht, “this is the perfect size to combine absolute comfort, outstanding performance, and racing manoeuvrability. As a result, over the years, Wallycento will retain their value and remain very competitive in the international racing circuit.”

Designers from Wally have followed the ‘box-rule’, a simple formula which has been designed to create closely matched fast seaworthy sound cruiser-racers that benefit from state-of-the-art performance technology; staying very much in tune with the Wally spirit.

Wally Yachts has noted that the aim, with like-minded owners, is to create a distinctive racing class for Wallycento – allowing them to race in their own division within the Wally Class circuit as well as competitively under the IRC or different rating rules in maxi yacht regattas around the world.

Currently undergoing negotiations for the first two Wallycentos, these stunning new cruising yachts will be due for delivery in 2012.

By B. Roberts
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