The Perini Navi Group Introduce New Digital Presence

By Ben Roberts

The Perini Navi Group has today announced the launch of their brand-new digital identity with a new website which reflects their state-of-the-art approach to technology and construction.

A faster and more ergonomic digital presence, Perini Navi are proud to be part of an industry which is constantly pushing to further its technological evolution.

“As a technology leader, it was important for us to make the information regarding our yachts, news and services as easily accessible as possible,” explains the latest release. “We have adopted the latest technology to create a web site able to bring the users into our world and feel our passion for our yachts and the innovation that drives all of us at Perini Navi.”

With comprehensive information surrounding the Perini Navi fleet of 60 yachts - which represents one of the world's largest collection of pictures dedicated to modern sailing yachts - as well as sections dedicated to new design, providing a glimpse into the world of innovative projects underway at the Italian shipyard’s design department, and a full insight into the upcoming Perini Navi Cup.

Follow the links to get a closer look at the new website, their up-to-the-minute YouTube channel and social presence.

By Ben Roberts