The Superyacht Toys Of The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show

By Ben Roberts

The Monaco Yacht Show is around the corner, and in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the exhibitions and events surrounding the world's finest superyacht display, we take a look at the finest yacht toys and tenders available to view this month.

U-Boat Worx
U-Boat Worx recently created the ultimate in superyacht submersibles with the new Super Yacht Sub 3, which was revealed to be making a full debut at the 25th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show this September. Undoubtedly the most compact 3-person submersible ever built, the Super Yacht Sub 3 was designed to fit your yacht.

With its flexible lifting arrangement, ultra-small size and ultra-low weight, this submersible is ready to come aboard to add a new dimension to seafaring. Inside the Super Yacht Sub 3, passengers will enjoy luxurious leather seating and a fully air-conditioned environment at 1 atmosphere of pressure. The pressure hull allows a seating arrangement to optimize the view for the pilot and two passengers.

Pascoe International Tenders
The Amels duo of Madame Kate and Event are set to showcase at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, and while these two yachts will be widely sought out at the show; they are carrying with them a new set of impressive launches.

The tenders on board were built by Pascoe International, an arm of Ken Freivokh Design, who are subsequently showcasing their S.L. Limousine on board Madame Kate and the SOLAS Rescue Tender on board Event. The Pascoe International Tender Range can be found at the TS8 Tender Show Area, a recommended stop-by.

DeepFlight Dragon Prototype
The return of the DeepFlight Submersible team comes with an exciting announcement which reflects the world of yachting and everything that surrounds it. The adventure and excitement of the DeepFlight Submersible will come back to the Monaco Yacht Show tenfold as the new Dragon Prototype is unveiled to owners and industry alike.

With in-water testing an availability at the upcoming show, the new DeepFlight Dragon is set to be different from previous models, in that it will be capable of hovering underwater and will be easier to learn to pilot. Noted as a game-changer by industry members provided with a first-look, the Dragon is undoubtedly a must-see.

Fun Air Inflatable Slide
The hook-over-the-railing inflatable yacht slide by FunAir was part of a movement which created a global sensation on board yachts. Since then, Mark Anastasia has lead his team to build more custom inflatables for yachts and will be showcasing them at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The patented FunAir SeaStairs make access out of the water easy for anyone while FunAir’s Yacht Slides, Climbing Walls, Playgrounds, Jet Ski Docks, Trampolines, Sea Pools and Platform Extensions deliver yacht owners and their guests years of adrenaline-rushing entertainment.

By Ben Roberts