The Tranquillity of Marina Fort Louis

By Ben Roberts

Located against the backdrop of Marigot, the capital of French St Martin in the Caribbean, this outstanding and unique marina provides direct access to the island via the crystalline blue waters. We spoke to Hervé Dorvil, Managing Director of Marina Fort Louis, to learn more about the history of the island and the draw of the marina.

Once they step off their boat and on to the docks of Marina Fort Louis, owners have the option of discovering more about the beautiful island and its inhabitants through it’s amazing food or bustling nightlife or relax in the sought after Yacht Club before heading out.

St Martin’s most impressive historic monument, the Fort Louis - right on the hill behind the Marina - offers great views over the Bay of Marigot and on to the neighbouring island of Anguilla. This view perfectly sums up the tranquillity of the island and the importance of Marina Fort Louis’ location.

For more information about the stunning island or Marina Fort Louis itself, watch the above video. 

By Ben Roberts