The U-010 Underwater Luxury Yacht Design

By B. Roberts

The U-010 is a new yacht concept with a unique twist. Recently revealed, the new concept is an ultra modern, underwater luxury yacht.

This underwater yacht concept, dubbed the U-010, was designed for deep sea exploration combined with comfort and luxury whilst cruising the depths. However, at 66.5m in length, the superyacht submarine is also designed to travel the ocean's surface through diesel-electric propulsion.

The U-010 superyacht concept is fully equipped with integrated stabilisation systems to make any cruise, above or below water, as comfortable as possible. The underwater motor yacht holds a  contemporary exterior design alongside an ultra-modern interior.

Like many of the commercially viable private submarines designed to accompany superyachts, the U-010 underwater yacht is designed offer an unforgettable underwater experience.

By B. Roberts