The WIDER 150: A Closer Look At The WIDER Ethos

By Ben Roberts

WIDER was established in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, one of the most highly regarded and dynamic entrepreneurs in the international yacht building industry. This was a time in which the superyacht industry was beginning to emerge from a state of imbalance, and with it came a brand-new WIDER way of thinking.

Born from a passion for performance and innovation, WIDER introduced the first WIDER 42 upon their inception to high-acclaim with a 32 footer joining shortly after. This was the first introduction to the WIDER style and set the stage for the new ethos of the company, a revolutionary passion which presents both style and innovation.

While ‘style’ and ‘innovation’ may be widely-used terms within the industry, it is a rare attribute that they should so perfectly sum up a philosophy which thinks entirely outside of the box and breaks freely away from conventional design.

“Innovate, develop, and renew. This is WIDER's approach to design,” explains Tilli Antonelli, founder and CEO of WIDER. “I’ve never enjoyed sitting still, or simply standing by. Making do doesn't come naturally to me either. Pushing the boundaries and shooting for the stars, that's what I enjoy. No blinkers, no exceptions – just open-mindedness and a desire to build the very best for our clients.”

The WIDER 150, currently under construction at the WIDER facilities in Ancona, Italy, and ready for delivery in September, is a perfect representation of the WIDER way of thinking. The elegant profile was created by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with Tilli Antonelli and the shipyard’s in-house design team and represents a design approach never before seen both inside and out.

Measuring 90m2, the WIDER 150 beach club is larger than any other boat its size, just one of the features which embodies the aim of bringing owners closer to the sea through the medium of design. Onboard, the layout is surrounded by large floor-to-ceiling windows which run throughout the main and upper deck lounge areas, permitting sunlight to flood in and provide panoramic views of the sea.

In line with the nature of being closer to the water, there are also two terrace areas on the upper deck, creating the type of space found only on board yachts much bigger.

What truly stands out on board the WIDER 150 is that the engine room is located at the furthest point from the guest accommodation, which is not only unusual but an incredible use of space in regards to comfort and opening room for other leisure areas.

Not only is this approach to design and construction bringing about an entirely new breed of yacht, but the future launches of WIDER will change the way owners cruise the water. With the WIDER 150 in construction and closing in on its launch date and a WIDER 165 following close behind in Ancona, Italy, 2015 is a crucial time for the shipyard.

We’ll be looking into the WIDER 150 as this feature series progresses, however in the meantime you can find out more about both the yacht and the company behind it by clicking here.

By Ben Roberts
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