The World’s Most Exclusive Marina – Marina di Portofino

By Catriona Cherrie

Open 365 days a year, with bookings taken all the way until summer 2019, Marina di Portofino is one of the world’s most exclusive and sought-after marinas for superyacht owners and VIPs.

Located in Genova, Italy, the marina lies at the edge of a colourful and picturesque postcard village which itself sits within a natural promontory, or perhaps a projected bit of a land over a body of water. One gets the impression of discovering a secret cove or island paradise when first pulling into the marina from the Ligurian Sea.  

Marina di Portofino has many services available for superyacht owners who have managed to bag themselves a spot in the exclusive marina. There are 14 mooring places for pleasure boats and superyachts and two berths for yachts over 60m. The marina services are numerous and of the highest standard; from dry cleaning services to a well-stocked village grocery. There is also a fantastic onboard delivery service of wine and fine foods for all superyacht berths.

Rising to fame in the 1950s by the iconic song ‘Love in Portofino’ composed by Fred Buscaglione, the charm of the historic Portofino village captures all who visit there. From the Gothic Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta to the pastel coloured villas and divine restaurants that spill across the cobbled courtyards, the exclusive seaside town has lost none of its original allure, despite the designer shops and bomb-proof security that is well in-force.

Portofino is a magnet for tourists and VIP travellers seeking peaceful and uninterrupted views across the Italian Riviera. With only 420 citizens, the village is a private haven for those seeking a private holiday get-away from prying eyes; looming hills close off the marina and village from the rest of the area.

Dine at Belmond Splendido Mare’s excellent Chuflay Restaurant which spills out on to Portofino harbour or at La Cantina, a succulent seafood restaurant on the secluded strip of beach named San Fruttuoso. Navigate the narrow corridors along the original coloured floors of the Portofino streets to find the hidden designer boutiques like Gucci and Luca. For the most breath-taking view of the bay and the village, climb up to the church of San Giorgio and the castle Brown at the crown of the tallest hill above.

Portofino is an incredibly luxurious and tranquil destination for those superyacht owners who have the patience to wait for a berth to become available throughout the year. It is clear why there is such high demand for a spot in the calm, cool waters of the Marina di Portofino. 

By Catriona Cherrie