Timur Bozca on The Importance of Nature in Yacht Design

By Freya Cottrell

With an intrinsic belief that nature is the world’s most effective designer, it is unsurprising that self-confessed nature addict and yacht designer, Timur Bozca draws his inspiration from the natural world that surrounds him. As one of the most innovative designers of his generation, it is refreshing to see Bozca use nature at the forefront of his future-proof designs. We caught up with him to discuss the important role the natural world has to play in the future of yacht design.

You have said yourself that nature is the world’s most effective designer and a number of your yachts are inspired by marine life; what is it about marine life that you think lends itself to yacht design?

“For me, design is like a delicious meal made with ingredients from where we are. When you taste, you understand the character of the environment beside a tasty result. To give the full experience of a journey, I like to get inspired by marine life for our yacht designs from where they belong, seas. Besides the visuals of our inspirations, their characters and features, are also reflected in our designs. These creatures are best adapted to sea conditions, excellent resources for yachts.”

Previous Bozca designs that have taken inspiration from marine life include: the 24m power yacht ISURUS, the muscular lines of which are influenced by the short finned mako shark, and the 55m sailing yacht CAUTA, who’s unique shape emulates that of a soaring albatross.

Is there a marine animal that has inspired you but you are yet to allude to in a design?

Mobula and sea angel inspired us in our two projects that we recently completed. There's a creature that I want to take advantage of its look and its features when we receive a suitable project in the future; the Portuguese man-of-war.

Sustainability has become an increasingly important driver of design decisions in recent years. Where do you feel the pressure for sustainable concepts comes from in the yachting industry?

I had some panel discussions and received some opportunities about sustainable projects and each time the lead was different. It looks like some clients, builders, designers, naval architects are pushing their boundaries to find a solution and this is promising. If we join our forces, good results will be achieved soon.

Do you consider these kinds of aspects of design a necessity now, with respect to the impact they could have on the health of our oceans?

Design is not only about the aesthetics, it is a solution. We consider four main factors to find new solutions in each project; design, technology, human and environmental factors. The health of the oceans means the health of the world, that is, our health. Therefore, we should definitely find solutions to it in our designs. It is valuable when everything in design has a reason.

What do you view the future of propulsion to be, based on recent trends?

The earth is our only home; we must absolutely care about it and give it an importance in everything we do. Fortunately, the trend is taking shape in this direction and we are looking for eco-friendly materials or alternative fuels. I think in the near future, fully electric/H2 powered yachts will increase. Of course, it’s necessary to work on the infrastructure as well as on the yachts. Without infrastructure, yachts with these technologies will not matter. 

Have you ever been asked for a concept in which sustainability is the top priority for the owner? And if not, do you think this might be a possibility in the future?

Currently, we are working on a project and the client's main request was sustainability in a beautiful form. The project is still ongoing and the innovative approach of the client is our biggest motivation. Such collaborations will certainly increase in the future.

"When I decide to be inspired by something, I examine it in all its details, I go deep into it. In consequence, the experience of studying sea creatures helps me better understand life above and below the seas."

Timur Bozca


"When I decide to be inspired by something, I examine it in all its details, I go deep into it. In consequence, the experience of studying sea creatures helps me better understand life above and below the seas."

Timur Bozca
By Freya Cottrell
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