Toby Walker Launches Stockbridge Yacht Brokers

By Ben Roberts

Stockbridge Yacht Brokers is an owner’s answer to bespoke personal service. With mainstream global brokerage firms specialising in the large yacht sector, brokerage firms such as Toby Walker’s brand-new Stockbridge Yacht Brokers combines experience and expertise to provide a bespoke service for owners and buyers of these yachts.

Formerly a Sales Director of Camper & Nicholsons International and Managing Director of Dubois Yachts, we spoke to Toby Walker about how Stockbridge Yacht Brokers is providing a bespoke, personalised service and putting the notion of a ‘standard’ approach to pasture.

“I started in 1997 at Cavendish White, and then joined Camper & Nicholsons and finally Dubois Yachts, until starting Stockbridge,” explains Toby Walker. “I recognise some important changes on the horizon for the brokerage industry in the next 5-10 years. I wanted to create a personal service where the client/broker relationship becomes paramount again.

For this to succeed, the brokerage firm either needs to only represent a handful of clients at any one time, or to be large enough and have sufficient numbers of brokers to maintain levels of service. Having worked in one of the largest yacht firms, I felt the time was right to return to a smaller set up and just work very closely and diligently on various projects with a like-minded clientele".

The focus for Toby Walker is to grow and maintain a reputation for ‘delivering good, honest business’ for a handful of clients, ensuring no owner’s passion and love for their yacht goes unfulfilled.

Each established firm is dedicated to the notion of impeccable client service, so what sets Stockbridge Yacht Brokers apart from the mainstream brokerage houses across the globe?

“Selling or buying a yacht is all about personal service and integrity,” continues Toby. “The mainstream brokerage firms offer this, but some clients do not want global marketing with a large firm. They want a personal relationship with one individual, who works with global firms on their behalf. This is the core business service of Stockbridge.”

Even in the production yacht market, no two yachts are the same, and no two clients are the same. One of the joys of this industry is the diversity of both. Certain principles do apply whatever the size, type or style of yacht, and it is these that Stockbridge will represent, rather than any specific yacht criteria.”

Given a persuasive manifesto and an impressive pledge for private and bespoke client service, what kind of yachts does Stockbridge Yacht Brokers already have under charge?

“[We have] three sailing yachts for sale, one motor yacht for sale, and we are in the early stages of a new construction motor yacht project for a London repeat client. I am also preparing a marketing plan for the owner of a famous yacht focussed for clients looking to acquire a unique piece of history as well as a luxury yacht.”

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By Ben Roberts