Top 100 Feadship #700 Emerges from Shipyard

By Christina Tsangaris

Shrouded with intrigue and mystery, the 87m Feadship head-turner, made its emergence from the shipyard this week, showcasing itself as another Top 100 contender for the Dutch vessel-master.

The hull of Feadship's #700 this week has been spotted by Dutch Yachting, as they gazed and photographed this 87m giant leaving the shipyard. As it will be moved to Feadship's Aalsmeer yard to complete her construction, we await in awe and excitement for a further insight into this expansive Top 100 superyacht. 

Following Feadships 73m Hasna, newly delivered to its Australian owner, it came at a remarkable time in Feadship history that such a monumental creation follows, proving this shipyard is a force to be reckoned with. 

With a sharp structure, masculine silhouette, and a size that engulfs its surroundings with such colossal power, the little we know about this highly confidential technical launch is enough to sustain allure.

As we follow its developments, its hull alone teases and tempts the public into another Feadship quality creation; with a collaboration sure to wow the industry, making hull 700 one name away from an owners dream come true. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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