Top 5 Christmas Charter Destinations

By George Bains

As we enter the festive season, looks at the destinations that are a must on your Christmas charter Wishlist.

British Virgin Islands

A secluded Caribbean paradise, the British Virgin Islands are perfect for the adventurous winter break. Across more than 50 islands, the archipelago offers visitors the chance to explore the many white sand beaches that overlook the blue waters in what is an idyllic yachting destination.

Popular for its abundance of marine life and snorkelling hotspots, the British Virgin Islands are also regarded as one of the best sites for diving in the Caribbean. RMS Rhone, sunk in 1867, lies at the bottom of Salt Island and offers a historic backdrop for divers. Read our British Virgin Islands InDepth here

Antigua & Barbuda

History and hospitality give substance to what is otherwise a simply stunning charter spot. Famous for having a different breath-taking beach for each day of the year, these Islands offer a luxury experience like no other. Top-level marina facilities and activities galore, all serviced with the natural charm that has endeared this nation to so many. This is a prime yachting destination.

You can uncover all the secrets to this playground of the yachting elite in the SY Original documentary here and Antigua InDepth here

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a destination that has long served at the heart of the superyacht community, and this year more than ever it deserves support in return for the wonders it has consistently delivered.

The devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in August rocked the country, but the majority of the Bahamas islands south of Grand Bahama were largely unaffected and continue to provide the same quality of winter escapes. Many voices in the yachting industry have encouraged charterers to support the local economy in The Bahamas and the health of one of the most iconic charter destinations in the world.

The Bahamas needs very little in terms of an introduction of what it offers. Perhaps the most complete charter destination, these islands cater for peaceful lounging, heavy partying and adrenaline-filled excursions all in the highest luxury. Read our Bahamas InDepth publication here

Adriatic Sea

Back closer to home, the Adriatic Sea is fast developing as a thriving superyacht destination and its ambition is to offer all year round escapes.

Senior PR & Marketing Manager of Porto Montenegro, Danilo Kalezic, told about how heavy investment has turned the marina into a world-class superyacht haven. So far we have invested 500m euros in the project in the last ten years,” explained Danilo at MYS 19. “We are investing at least that much in the next 10-15 years.

"The areas like Montenegro that offer escapes in this region do so with the benefit of being smaller countries, meaning they can offer more privacy for guests and focus on the quality of service. The shores of Croatia, Montenegro and Venice offer something different to the more heavily visited Western Mediterranean routes, with undisturbed waters and crystal beaches." continues Danilo. Read our Montenegro InDepth publication here

South Pacific & Australia

Heading across to the East, the South Pacific and Australia offer a more alternative winter chartering experience. South Pacific islands such as Tonga, Fiji and French Polynesia offer culturally rich experiences and diverse landscapes.

While offering the customary white sandy beaches and tropical wildlife, Fiji also offers treks along rather more undiscovered and undisturbed jungle terrains, such as the volcanic islands of Yasawa and the Waisali Rainforest Reserve.

Chartering a yacht in Australia guarantees to unlock experiences that are otherwise unreachable. The Great Barrier Reef is well-famed for being the world’s largest coral reef stretching over 2,300 kilometres, and through chartering in this area guests can access exclusive diving sites

By George Bains