Top Charter Destinations: Part 2 - Romantic Routes

By Christina Tsangaris

Discover the romantic routes of Norway as the ultimate charter grounds for 2017. From the dramatic mountain tops of the Norwegian Fjords to the stunning Stavenger archipelago, Norway encapsulates the natural wonders of Europe in an abundance of unmissable beauty by superyacht.

The Gateway to the Fjords in Bergen
To start your Baltic charter, Bergen leads as a medieval city boasting the Hansetic Wharf, one of UNESCO's iconic World Heritage Sites. Bergen beats with a lively ambience where scenic city living meets the colourful markets offering a fresh culinary cuisine straight from its waters.

The Stavanger Archipelago
Nestled in the most south-westerly areas of Norway is the stunning city of Stavanger, boasting the world famous Pulpit Rock offering a stunning vantage point overlooking lush greenery and breathtaking waterways. Sola beach remains the hidden gem; where flourishing greenery meet the European shoreline.

The Jewel of the Fjord at Geirangerfjord
Geirangerfjord is renowned as the jewel of the Norwegian fjords. Distinguished by its S-shape, tumbling waterfalls and dotted mountain farms, the region is a proud member of UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites. With a feeling of being undiscovered, Geirangerfjord remains an enchanting passage into natural beauty.

At the Heart of Nature in Sognefjord
As Norway’s longest Fjord, Sognefjord is situated at the very epicentre of Fjord Norway, offering an abundance of hike routes at its surrounding hiking areas offering expansive views of . As you reside into nature Sognefjord region, you can appreciate its culinary roots known for its fruit, berries and goats cheese.

World Famous Territory in Hardangerfjord
The staggering beauty of Hardangerfjord, the worlds third largest fjord is truly breathaking. Known for fruit trees blossoming in spring, the iconic Vøringsfossen Waterfall and the Folgefonna Glacier, visitors globally have made the Hardangerfjord region their must-do charter route, as they are immersed in natural beauty for miles.

The Ethereal Beauty of The Northern Lights
When planning your charter itinerary, be sure to include the unmissable sight of The Northern Lights. Venture above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway; the most idyllic spot to experience its views. It’s enchanting beauty is mesmerising; distinguishing Norways as Europeans most stunningly unforgettable charter routes. 

By Christina Tsangaris