Top Semi-Custom Superyachts of 2020

By Jenna Mehdi

From decreased construction costs to rapid build times, there are a number of reasons so many Owners opt for a semi-custom superyacht. High levels of customisation and quality mean this competitive sector of yachting is evolving at a rapid pace. World leaders in the semi-custom field must maintain meticulous standards of quality and flexibility. With this in mind, we took a look at the top semi-custom releases of the year just gone…

Benetti - Motopanfilo
Rounding off another highly successful year for the prolific Italian yacht builder, Benetti released new renderings of its latest superyacht model the Motopanfilo 37m earlier this month. Paying homage to the 1960s Motopanfilo style which truly took superyachting by storm, Francesco Struglia has struck a perfect balance between timeless and modern with the elegant exteriors of the Motopanfilo. 

Custom Line - Navetta 30
Also hailing from the design epicentre of Italy, this year saw some respectable releases from Ferretti Group. Seemingly untouched by the effects of the pandemic, Ferretti Group went from strength to strength this year with a number of custom CRN deliveries, award-winning marketing campaigns and even a cinematic debut. Custom Line’s recently launched Navetta 30 is perfectly emblematic of the group and individual brand’s success. The Navetta 30 is a masterpiece of design, accommodating some ten guests in five cabins and playing with modern themes of light, space and continuity. The Navetta 30 symbolises what can be achieved with the expertise of group backing and the distinction of a unique brand. 

Silent Yachts - Silent 80
This year has seen a huge revolution in the field of sustainable yachting, meaning we would be remiss not to mention Silent Yachts’ new solar flagship in our round-up of semi-custom superyachts. The SIlent 80 solar powered catamaran is highly customisable, with options for a tri-deck configuration and ‘loft version’ available. Low running costs and light carbon footprint make this a tempting option for the conscious yacht owner, while an open-plan layout flooded with plenty of natural light ensure the Silent 80 remains as comfortable and luxurious as any traditional superyacht. 

ISA - 80m Continental
Laying waste to the notion that semi-custom superyachts should be relegated to the under 50m category, construction began this year on ISA’s ‘future flagship’ the 80m Continental. Commencing construction on spec for the yacht, ISA has embraced a ‘new strategic plan’ for greater flexibility in design and significantly reduced delivery times for the category. Leading the way in fast construction for the 70-80m bracket, the Continental will feature a sophisticated Enrico Gobbi-designed profile.

By Jenna Mehdi
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