Turquoise Yachts Face The Future With A Bold New Strategy

By Ben Roberts

In December 2014 Mohammed Al Barwani acquired the majority stake in Turkish shipyard, Proteksan Turquoise. Today, with three new builds already underway, the yard - which has been renamed Turquoise Yachts - has released a statement announcing a bold new strategy.

“We face the future with confidence,” says Al Barwani, “with a bold new strategy designed to capture new growth in the superyacht industry.”

“Economic growth in emerging markets is creating new wealth,” says Peter Economides, noted brand strategist. “This has created a surge of interest in luxury goods - fashion, accessories, jewellery and timepieces, travel and recreation, art, automobiles, private jets and superyachts.”

A superyacht, he says, is the ultimate luxury purchase - exclusive, extremely individualised and offering entry to a highly aspirational owners’ club. “I am sure that many are attracted to the world of superyachts. But I am also sure that many are turned off when they are exposed to the commitment, complexity, challenges and risks involved in this decision." Making the world of superyachts more accessible.

This is the key behind Turqouise’s new strategy, to make superyachts more accessible; built on the shipyard’s technical expertise and its strong reputation as a high quality, high value builder. Not only will accessibility come into play, but a new focus on the luxury lifestyle and delivering a highly attractive value proposition to the owner.

“There’s an overriding technical element in our business,” says Mehmet Karabeyoglu, CEO of Turquoise. “Turkey has a long tradition in shipbuilding with a highly skilled workforce. We are extremely confident of our technical and engineering skills. What truly sets us apart is our widely recognised high quality which we get at a relatively low cost. This is what gives us a highly attractive value proposition.”

But it goes beyond that. Karabeyoglu explains that Turquoise is focused on a strong lifestyle proposition. This, he says, is part of the true attraction of yachting - luxury, exclusivity and a highly individualised lifestyle choice. “Even though there’s a large technical component, we’re focused on the lifestyle aspects. This is where the magic is. It’s why the world of yachting is so attractive.”

The Turquoise lifestyle proposition rests on a range of designs - from traditional to cutting edge avant garde - featuring the world’s top designers with layouts, amenities and interior design, to suit highly individualised owner lifestyle choices. “There are plans to extend this strategy,” Karabeyoglu says, “but right now it’s too early to elaborate.”

With a focus on creating accessible, high-quality luxury lifestyle vessels up to 80 metres with highly attractive value propositions to potential owners, the future for Turquoise Yachts is exciting and we look forward to bringing you more news on the new structure as and when it emerges.

By Ben Roberts
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