Turquoise Yachts On An American New Build Revolution

By Ben Roberts

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the American market has arrived at an exciting phase of recovery. To get an idea of exactly how the influx of demand for new-build is taking shape, we spoke to a brand whose renewed strength is following the upward trend of growth in the United States.

Turquoise Yachts CEO Mehmet Karabeyoglu and Head of Sales Christian Schwartzwalder sat with us at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to discuss why American owners turn to European builders, the reasoning behind the market influx as well as the brand’s new global approach.

“The Americans have a long history of buying boats and enjoying it,” explains Mehmet Karabeyoglu. “Over the years we have had a few American clients, in fact my very first client was American. So therefore it’s a reality that they like yachting, and they buy large yachts as well as small ones, so we are aiming also at the American market.”

“The American market has always been, like Mehmet said, number one because of the infrastructure, the history and the tradition in yachting,” adds Christian Schwartzwalder. “The overall American boat doesn’t really exist for us, but we know they like to go to the Bahamas, they like to go into the Caribbean and this is determinantal to our development of the yachts as well.”

“They’re dollars can buy bigger boats, so the dollar gained in value which is good [because] we sell in euros so therefore they’re going to pay less. Business is good so when the business in America is good, the development is good it’s coming back, so the client has a more confident picture of the market.”

Turquoise Yachts came back on to the market in a bold new way, bringing with them a new style of yacht from designers across the world. After a history of launching roughly one and a half boats on average per year, Turquoise Yachts is presenting a new fleet of incredible new designs as well as exciting new projects under construction.

“We have also, obviously, larger projects,” says Mehmet Karabeyoglu. “We have three options of the larger boats, say from 77 up to 81 metres, one is the 77 by Jonny Horsfield - which is more avant garde kind of styling - then we have the 80m Vitruvius, which is again a completely different way of looking at it. It’s not an explorer, but it’s not a regular ‘white yacht’ either so it’s something different. Then we have also the Andrew Winch designed 81m which is more classical, modern classic let’s say. So we try to cater for different needs for different clients on the larger size of yachts as well.”

For more information on the Turquoise Yachts style of approach to the American market, as well as new designs and projects being unveiled alongside their crisp new brand, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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