U-Boat Worx: Unfathomable Depths Of Exploration

By Ben Roberts

U-Boat Worx is a brand synonymous with explorative superyacht toys. Innovating to an unstoppable level, the Dutch personal submersible builders are creating new ways for more and more owners to make the most of the superyacht lifestyle and delve deeper than ever before.

After launching the Super Yacht Sub 3 at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, U-Boat Worx has introduced the world’s most compact three-person submersible on the market after creating some of the finest in private vehicles on and under the water.

We spoke to Roy de Boer, Communication and Marketing Executive of U-Boat Worx, to find out more about the latest Super Yacht Sub 3 and the lifestyle inside the bubble.

What makes the Super Yacht Sub 3 the most unique product released by U-Boat Worx?
"The Super Yacht Sub 3 is the first private submersible that is purposely designed for yachts. In our many years of building submersibles we saw a growing demand for compact submersibles, finally with the latest developments we could achieve a submersible with this compact size and low weight while not compromising the comfort and luxurious interior for the passengers.

Our MANTA controller makes it possible to let the passengers steer the submersible under supervision of the pilot. On the surface you can sail the submersible with our wireless MARLIN controller.

Unique for this model is the upgradeable depth-rating. Clients can start their underwater adventure with a 100 meter depth capability. Together with their ambitions and experience they may later choose to upgrade the depth-rating of the Super Yacht Sub 3 to 200 meter, or even 300 meter. Clients may also choose to have their submersible delivered directly with the full 300 meter diving depth."

How does this superyacht toy provide an incredible opportunity for exploration?
"With the Super Yacht Sub 3 on board your yacht you open a whole new world to explore. With 90% of the ocean floor still unchartered you can explore places where no man has been before. The Super Yacht Sub 3 has a large acrylic viewport that offers you best view on the stunning sceneries you will encounter.

Dive to depths of 300 meters in great comfort without problems you would encounter with scuba diving."

Is there a new lifestyle being created by personal submersibles?

"We see an increasing demand for the Super Yacht Sub 3.Thanks to the compact size exploring can now be done from more yachts without major changes or refits. Yacht owners choose to place a submersible on board to become an explorer and pioneer like Jacques Cousteau. Or chase their dreams to become like James Bond with their high-tech toys."

What examples could you give for this being a global and go-anywhere vessel designed for fun?

"During your dive to will encounter many subsea wonders. Visit colourful reefs and see marine life up-close. Explore shipwrecks famous shipwrecks located all around the world or track down lost ships to find ancient artefacts.

Last summer we dived in Sicily to find remains of ancient Roman and Greek shipwrecks. It was a breath-taking moment when the first amphora appeared out of the shimmering darkness and into the light beams of the submersible. Other clients choose to explore in colder and more remote areas of the world such as Antarctica."

By Ben Roberts