Underwater Robot for Superyacht Bomb Detection

By B. Roberts

The SeaEye Falcon an underwater Robot built by Saab has been sold to a company which will lease it to superyacht owners to use as an underwater bomb detector.

These robots are named Remotely Operated Vehicle’s or ROV’s. Sales director James Douglas has stated: “They're used for security, inspecting the bottom of the ship's hull for bombs, mines, and tracking devices.”

The £200,000 robots, built in Portsmouth, UK, are being sold and leased to high net worth individuals in order to increase security on some of the largest and most important superyachts on the water.

James Douglas added: “These are 100-plus metre superyachts the size of a frigate. There are always people who win in a recession, when everyone else falls on their face.”

The SeaEye Falcon is just one ROV in a long line of remote detection vehicles, offering 300m depth rating, 450m umbilical lead, 4 vectored and vertical thrusters for easy handling and Integral systems diagnostics.

Falcon customers include several NATO navies, the Russian, Chinese, Romanian and New Zealand Navies as well as Special Forces in the Middle East. The equipment relays information from the high-resolution camera through the fibre optic cord to the surface equipment, giving a clear picture of the ship's hull.

“The arrival of Falcon introduced a number of interesting innovations in an ROV of this size and price range,” says SeaEye.

SeaEye Remotely Operated Vehicles are key pieces of commercially viable and revolutionary equipment for giant superyachts, offering protection and piece of mind for the superyacht owner.

By B. Roberts