VAUBAN 21 Project to Revitalise Yachting in Antibes

By Ben Roberts

Port Vauban in Antibes, one of Europe's largest attractions for yachts, has this week announced a new management structure and a new focus for growth under VAUBAN 21.

In early 2016 the city of Antibes launched a public delegation contract to find a trustee for the management of Port Vauban and Port Gallice. VAUBAN 21 has been entrusted with the management of Port Vauban and Port Gallice for the next 25 and 15 years respectively.

The partners within the VAUBAN 21 SAS project are a mixture of both Chamber of Commerce and Industry, charged with bringing Port Vauban to a new level of quality and renewing its mantle of superyacht hub.

The project of VAUBAN 21 goes far beyond the renovation of the marina. An efficient ecosystem around the marina is set to be created by working with yachting professionals who can increase the quality of both experience and service tenfold as a very first priority.

The second stage will be creating a Yachting Campus in the area of St Roch, in order to offer the best training, seminars and conferences for professionals across the Yachting Industry. 

The Capitainerie on the IYCA will have a bigger and stronger helipad and a Crew Leisure facility with Fitness Center, Library etc. Storage boxes for the yachts will be installed all along the quay. The new Capitainerie in Port Vauban will see a new, elegant, panoramic view restaurant with a large terrace on the rooftop of the building, as well as a new Yacht Club for the yacht owners and their guests.

An underground parking lot (with 600 spaces) will accommodate cars, while a new walkway (measuring around 7km) around the marina will be created. In total a projected investment of about 135 million euros is planned over the next 15 years. The new VAUBAN 21 project will transform the city of Antibes into a world-leading destination for yachting.

By Ben Roberts