Venus Leads a Fleet of Feadships Home for Refit Season

By Ben Roberts

Clean, technologically advanced and an exercise in abstract elegance, Venus is one of the most celebrated yachts in the Feadship portfolio, not to mention the global superyacht fleet. Spotted back in the Netherlands for the first time since her launch in 2012, today marks the start of refit season as the 78-metre leads a fleet of superyachts home.

With eight significant updates already under her belt, Venus is back in the hands of the Feadship refit specialists in Makkum, as well as a rented yard elsewhere in Harlingen.

The 86-metre Ecstasea is hot on the tail of Venus and is set to arrive in The Netherlands for a new crew interior and owner’s gym installed in the helicopter hangar. In addition, Ecstasea will have various new exterior design features added along with a selection of bespoke technical maintenance activities.

With such high demand, the Feadship group has rented other first-class facilities from a fellow yard in order to accommodate the refit of the 81-metre Air. Feadship teams will repaint the yacht’s superstructure there, make adaptations to the helicopter deck and conduct a range of technical maintenance activities and upgrades.

Later this year will see the launch of ‘Feadship Refit and Services’, a new dedicated entity which is being set up to support the refit activities of the Feadship teams in the Netherlands and abroad. Proving rising demand for high-quality refit, restructure and maintenance across the spectrum.

By Ben Roberts
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