VGD Explorer yacht concept undertaken by Van Geest

By B. Roberts

The VGD Explorer yacht concept has been conceptualised by respected Dutch Van Geest Design.

The Explorer is currently being conceptualised via sketch and 3D imaging to integrate elegance and state-of-the-art exploring technology. The design is based around the possibility to navigate and explore through treacherous seas and long distances, giving ultimate nautical freedom if built.

The VGD Explorer proudly boasts a Jacuzzi and sun beds with available dining areas, the interior holds an expansive lounge with fantastic views and a large galley. Allowing for sailboats, tenders and toys she also holds the ability to accommodate crew and passengers in luxurious modern cabins and dive rooms.

The Design of the Explorer is what makes her a truly intriguing yacht, built for global exploration; the functional superyacht holds a unique design in which it offers an elegant naval or working boat feel.

The 42m VGD Explorer looks as if it was designed for long haul journeys and bearing the brunt of bad weather but to also provide delight and comfort. With the early concepts showing simple and sophisticated designs, we look forward to more in-depth sketches and designs.

By B. Roberts
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