Vicem Introduce New Line of Superyacht Tenders

By B. Roberts

Vicem Yachts has proudly introduced its third line of luxury motor yachts, unveiling the new Vanguard line of classically designed tenders.

The new line of yachts added to the renowned motor yacht series’ from the Turkish shipyard is the composed of the Vanguard 45 and the Vanguard 33; a perfect blend of timeless elegance, performing naval architecture and state-of-the-art production technology.

This brand new line features the expertise in design from Vicem’s in-house design studio for her interior and exterior styling alongside naval architecture from the renowned designer, Michael Peters.

Vicem has coined this yacht to be an “aggressive yet clean lined design that combines wood elements that typify the classic Vicem style with new colour palettes of grey, silver and blue. An extraordinarily daring design but intimately tied to incomparably high quality hull construction, thanks to the use of infused epoxy resins.”

Offering a top speed of 34 knots through twin Volvo IPS 600 engines, the Vanguard line is designed to produce 30% less emissions than traditional propulsion as well as delivering an outstanding performance on the water.

Originally designed and built as a stand alone motor yacht, however it has been openly displayed as a versatile boat with attributes fitting perfectly into the role a luxurious superyacht tender.

Alberto Perrone Da Zarra, CEO of Vicem Yachts, said “I’ve worked with ‘open-class’ boats for almost my entire career. After a fantastic experience in the United States with two leaders in this market, I couldn’t wait too long to bring Vicem into this segment.”

By B. Roberts
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