Victor Caminada on the Unlimited Success of Amels

By Ben Roberts

With twelve projects under construction, Dutch shipyard Amels are experiencing a remarkable period of activity.

We sat down with Victor Caminada, Amels’ Marketing Manager, at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to hear more about the yard’s current projects, including an exciting yacht featuring a highly innovative solution for helicopters.

“It is full on at the shipyard,” Mr Caminada said. “I am very happy to say that all our limited edition designs are under construction – that’s five different designs. Having delivered three new builds and three refits this year, it’s full on.”

Mr Caminada was kind enough to bring with to his interview a model version of one of Amels’ current projects, and he was keen to tell us about what is unquestionably its stand-out feature.

“This is actually a yacht support vessel,” he told us. “The new thing about this vessel that is after several clients’ requests we have developed a helicopter hanger to protect the helicopter from the elements.

“It’s a big lift, it folds its plates, goes down vertically and the deck actually closes on top of it to keep it protected. It takes several minutes.

“It’s well equipped for diving. You can also have a full dive area with decompression chamber and all the different exotic dive gases, so if people are into diving, this is also a great boat to take out to exotic places.”

You can watch the full video interview with Victor Caminada above this article.

By Ben Roberts
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