Visione wins Superyacht Cup Antigua 2010 and Sojana wins final race

By M. Tempest

Despite the set-back of not being able to hoist any mizzen sails, Sojana held off the rest of the fleet to win the final race of The Superyacht Cup Antigua 2010. Visione, finishing just 51 seconds behind her, was the overall winner of The Superyacht Cup Antigua 2010.

Bucket ratings expert Jim Teeters worked out Sojana's temporary sloop rating after they suffered a broken mizzen boom on the first day, and gave them a four-minute start advantage over second starting boat, Rebecca and a 29-minute start on Visione.

It was another windy day with plenty of action for these powerful superyachts, flying full mains and maximum downwind sails, as they raced around the 24-mile course in just two and a half hours.

As the wind picked up on the final beat, 44.84m Visione closed the gap on 34.97m Sojana, finishing just 51 seconds behind her.

High priority on the agenda of this friendly superyacht regatta, the social program has been a huge hit; from Pirates of the Caribbean fancy dress to the all important cook-off' between the yachts; the social competitions were just as fiercely contested as the sailing.

Sojana's Captain, Marc Fitzgerald, prepared a magnificent grilled halibut and vegetable risotto while Mirabella V crew barbecued up a storm carefully supervised by the Captain 'Dr' Rocka.

The event closed with a grand Prize Giving Buffet dinner at the Copper & Lumber Hotel in Nelson's Dockyard.

The Superyacht Cup Antigua 2010

By M. Tempest