Visun Tuscany Yachting On Improving Step by Step

By Paul Joseph

A joint venture between Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club and Toscana Refit S.r.l., Visun Tuscany Yachting offers repair and refit services to sailing boats and motoryachts across China.

We caught up with Giorgio Campini, Managing Partner at Visun Tuscany Yachting, at the 2015 China Rendez-Vous, to find out more.

“We started to work [in China] operationally last year,” he told us, “and we put all our experience in this project with the European skills and quality – our management is European. What we want to do is improve the services in China. We realise that you cannot sell more yachts unless you have services dedicated to these yachts.

“The yachting is improving in China and of course here in Hainan we have 10% of the yachts of all China. The Chinese are discovering the yacht market, they appreciate more and more the yacht. It’s not just a status symbol but is also a pleasure to navigate and of course Hainan island is different from the rest of China because here the water is clear, the temperature all year long is good, so they are coming more and more.

“The problem we have in our repair business is the mentality. Owners don’t understand really that a yacht is a value and to maintain a value means maintaining the yacht. Sometimes they are not prepared that a yacht isn’t something you can buy and that’s it. You also need the budget also to maintain the yacht during the year, so it’s difficult. But we are also organising training for captains, for engineers. We try to improve step by step in all sectors.”

You can watch the full video interview with Giorgio Campini above this article.

By Paul Joseph