Vitality: A Fresh Take on Stripped-back Superyacht Style

By Ben Roberts

Vitality, the latest look at the superyacht lifestyle from designer Theodoros Fotiadis, is a 118-metre exercise in elegance. With huge space, timeless style and endless layout possibilities, this is the superyacht you didn’t know you needed.

The Berlin-based designer came to the fore this month with the steel and aluminium superyacht design dubbed Vitality. Conceptually, this is a project which is begging to be brought to the water, technically, a superyacht which offers endless space with a 5180 gross tonnage and 17.30-metre (57ft) beam.

With multiple pools, open relaxation areas to make the most of a day spent at sea, Vitality is a project offering a ‘lifestyle oasis’ according to the designer, with unbroken visibility throughout; making the backdrop part of the yacht’s interior thanks to semi-glass bulwarks.

The cavernous lower deck offers a gym, complete with 12mx4m indoor pool which acts as an extension the ocean and sliding doors leading out to the huge swim platform. This is a superyacht designed for lifestyle, with the latest renderings almost walking you through the project in real time.

Blending spaces together on board is part of the artwork on display, given the huge size, Vitality seemingly offers a sense of intimacy defiant of the 118-metre size. Marry this layout with an uncluttered and sparse interior, this project offers a sense of space, style and sophistication through stripped-back simplicity and fresh design.

By Ben Roberts