VSY On Ecological Intelligence In The Superyacht Market

By Ben Roberts

Leaders of the ecological sector within the superyacht sector, VSY are pioneering new methods of sustainable yachting and creating yachts with minimal impact. Vienna Eleuteri, Former Anthropologist and Sustainability Manager of VSY, joined Superyachts.com to explain how this Italian yard is breaking new ground.

Ecological intelligence is part of VSY’s DNA, and with this they are developing new industrial models which address not only the carbon footprint, but the water footprint placed on the ocean by the yachting community.

Improving sustainability is part of the Yachting 2.0 programme underway in VSY, in collaboration with world universities to cover everything from the construction to the ethical scrapping of superyachts.

This programme is already underway in the construction with Duchess of Tuscany; however, for more information on a greener future for the yachting community, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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