Wallycento#4 Confirmed As Sold And Under Construction

By Paul Joseph

The fourth unit of the ground-breaking wallycento design has been sold and is now under construction, Wally have announced.

Increasing the fleet of Wally’s innovative box-ruled superyachts, Wallycento#4 has been purchased by a passionate racing yachtsman, who decided to join the wallycento club attracted by the performance and style of the first three units (Galateia, Magic Carpet Cubed, and Open Season).

“Cruising in comfort at the speed of the fastest maxi racer and racing at the highest level of competition is the dream of every passionate yachtsman” explains Luca Bassani, Wally’s President and founder.

“Wallycento is the first and only super yacht making this dream come true. I am very happy to see owners who share my view of the development of the maxi racer-cruisers, building up a good wallycento fleet.”

Wallycento#4 is billed as a further step forward in the evolution of the high performance superyachts, which were developed from the innovative lines of the latest racing yachts.

Each wallycento features reduced displacement, a powerful sail plan, moveable ballast, improved stability and planing hull characteristics.

Founded in Italy in 1994, Wally Yachts is a maritime design and manufacture company based in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

By Paul Joseph
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