West Med Yachting Guide: Barcelona and Genova

By Jenna Mehdi

As June approaches, the West Mediterranean becomes an increasingly popular destination for superyachts kicking off their summer season in style. And with a plethora of idyllic seaside towns, cultural hotspots and some of the richest civilisations the world’s coasts have to offer, it is not difficult to see why. We prepared the ultimate luxury yachting guide for the West Mediterranean, to ensure that our readers make the absolute most of everything this beautiful region has to offer.

There is surely no better way to start off a West Mediterranean tour than with an authentic taste of sangria and tapas in the Catalonian capital of Barcelona. Bordering the Balearic Sea and just a short sail away from the Spanish sister islands of Mallorca and Menorca, Barcelona is certainly one of Europe’s most action-packed cities – setting the bar high for the rest of the tour. From partygoers to historians, this vibrant city truly has something to offer every type of traveller.

To ease any docking-related concerns, Barcelona’s premier marina OneOcean Port Vell is ideally located in the very heart of the city, boasting world-class facilities and services to cater to the luxury yacht owners’ every need. OneOcean Port Vell’s 24 hour guarded security services leave you free to explore the many delights of the city, from La Sagrada Familia’s iconic architecture to the world-renowned beachside club Pacha, with true peace of mind. We would recommend soaking up the Barcelona skyline accompanied by some fresh locally-sourced seafood in OneOcean’s exclusive gastronomic restaurant, or a cocktail or two in the marina’s (officially awarded) ‘Best Bar in the World’.

When (or if) you require a break from Barcelona’s buzzing shores, be sure to sail west-bound, to Italy, for more peaceful sands. The port city of Genoa, located in the capital of Italy’s bountiful Liguria region, makes for an idyllic docking spot. With its turquoise seas and distinct colourful architecture, Genoa is an absolute must-see on our West Med yachting guide this summer season.

Just a stone’s throw away from some of the biggest names in the Med, including Portofino and Saint Tropez, Marina Genova is strategically located to provide its state-of-the-art services to the Mediterranean yachtsman – from the essential to the lavish. The marina’s year-round Second Hand Boat Show also proffers boats available to buy or sell from some of the biggest names in Italian shipbuilding, whether you’re looking to upgrade or simply splash out this summer. If in search of some artistic stimulation, look no further than the marina’s very own Arte in Porto – or head a little downtown for an evening of live rock, jazz and blues at Teatro Bloser.

It goes without saying, the West Med’s bountiful coastlines are more abundant in picturesque towns, areas of rich culture and gorgeous feats of architecture than we have time to discuss. But our top two picks for this summer, Barcelona and Genova, are certainly a good place to start.

By Jenna Mehdi