West Nautical Discuss Yacht Solutions, Concepts and Growth

By Paul Joseph

In the world of yacht ownership, reducing risk and improving efficiency are highly desirable outcomes, but to achieve them requires experience and knowledge.

Step forward brokerage West Nautical, whose yacht management and charter division specializes in giving owners peace of mind to know their yacht is in reliable hands.

West Nautical’s Managing Director Geoff Moore and Yacht Manager Tom Leyland sat down recently to discuss these issues along with their company’s impress growth.

What can you tell us about the West Yacht Management and Charter division?
The West Nautical Management and Charter divisions are presently experiencing very exciting times even though they are only within their first year of operation. A highly skilled team drawing on a large experience base within the marine industry; both specific to yachting as well with strong commercial shipping roots has been assembled, making us able to provide our clients with an unparalleled bespoke, tailored and more importantly personal service.

By having core employees being based in both France and the UK, we have strategic locations which benefit both our front and back office requirements, and ensure our yachts get consistently superb service.

Trust, transparency and an unbending focus on safety are key factors in the way we manage our yachts, keeping the owners priorities paramount to ensure a seamless operation between ship and shore, with total compliance to the ever changing regulatory requirements.

What makes West Nautical management different to other brokers?
West Nautical have bridged the gap for what happens after the owners purchases from the brokerage to the subsequent operation of their yachts. They are able to hand pick a package which suits them best from mini to full ISM, charter, sales, new-build, accounting, insurance to crewing matters, payroll, certification, refit planning or just good old fashioned advice. This keeps everything in house allowing us to forge relationships and further strengthen trust with our clients. Because of our dynamic solutions, experience, proactive mentality and structured pricing we are an attractive solution to many different sizes of yacht from 24m to 100m+.

Everything we do is operated in total transparency, from finances to documentation. The Captain and owners team are our clients, we answer to them and deliver them all information they require, 24/7.

What is your concept of yacht management?
Yacht management is a must these days, but the primary reason for a yachts existence is for the owners and guests pleasure and to experience the majesty and freedom they can bring. Management should never interfere with this and West Nautical endeavours to give the owners these experiences without exposing them to risk and problems, sadly present within the industry and world today.

Our view of management is to be an aide to the Captain, to complete work they and their crew does not have time to complete. A sub 500GT yacht may have 4-8 crew, in which case have 5 people in the office available to assist them in all manors is a great advantage allowing them more time to focus on their primary function of guest services and navigation. We provide guidance, information and assistance at all times, and become a part of the routine running of the yacht.

The rules of commercial ship management cannot be applied to that of managing yachts, in part because they are so unique in order to cater to individual tastes. Nowadays however, more and more commercial shipping regulations are being applied to yachts, and West Nautical are well placed to fulfil the requirement of compliance management by utilising our vast and relevant experience, acknowledging, nurturing and training the crews who also contribute greatly to the experience of the clients - we are able to offer a very competitive and comprehensive solution to the modern world of owning a yacht.

By Paul Joseph