Westport Yachts On An Upward Trajectory

By Ben Roberts

Westport is an all-American yacht builder facing an influx of interest thanks to the burgeoning US market. President Daryl Wakefield joined us in the Breaking News Centre to discuss the secret behind the ongoing Westport fleet.

“We have an amazing following, we have been fortunate enough to get a customer in and they stay with us, at least up to 50 metres. We get a lot of feedback from them, we have many guys who may buy a 112 and do another one, or in some cases three, other guys move up through the line so, listening to them I think has probably been the real key.”

With such a following, Daryl Wakefield explained the move forward for Westport in regards to getting bigger thanks to the 164s now in the yard.

“We have two 164s on the line right now, and we are going to have to go bigger … we’re excited about it. It requires additional infrastructure to do it, it’s a big commitment, but we have a number of clients now who have stayed with us and been loyal customers and now they’re back at that ‘what do you have now’.”

In terms of the American market, Westport’s President has a modest view on the benefits of the increased activity channeling through the concentrated yachting sector in the USA. “It certainly has recovered nicely, by no means I don’t think we’re out of this, but we’re certainly seeing much higher level of comfort from a client to make an investment of this magnitude.” For more information, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts