WIDER 150: Interiors to Match a Technical Revolution

By Ben Roberts

Life on board the WIDER 150 superyacht is quiet, comfortable and offers ultimately stylish Italian surroundings to enjoy the waters of the world in peace. After exploring the next generation design and engineering of WIDER 150, we speak to the interior stylists responsible for turning a technical innovation into a home.

IdeaeItalia is the studio behind the nuanced and contemporary interior of WIDER 150, the superyacht awarded as the quietest vessel on the water. This, combined with the innovative use of space and layout, creates perfect living areas and an exciting challenge for an interior designer.

The Challenge of Matching Technology with Universal Style
“Technology is an integral part of the evolution of style and the architecture needs technology to renew itself,” explains Eng. Alessio Battistini of IdeaeItalia when discussing matching technology with universal design. “Research on new materials and new applications stimulate the designer to overcome new frontiers. To integrate, to combine without hiding the technological features with the furnishings was certainly vital in order to make the WIDER 150 design quite universal and timeless.”

The technical innovations on board create new lifestyle options, which merge with the overall style to stay discreet until needed. At the push of a button, the owner’s apartment balcony folds down so those on board can enjoy life by the water. Lateral full-height windows in the sky lounge also slide open silently to better the view of the passing scenery in perfect harmony with the sound of the waves.

“The silence during navigation and the extreme technology on board, coupled with an interior concept with a strong personality and always balanced and harmonious, we are sure they can be challenging for new generations of owners,” adds Archt. Davide Bernardini, Alessio’s partner, when discussing how the entire product is naturally attracting a young generation of owners.

Creating a Completely New Experience on Board
“The comfort and sober elegance achieved from natural materials that give the right balance to receive and convey a feeling of extreme relaxation to the customer,” says Davide Bernardini, painting a picture of the interior style. “Leather and wood to warm up the atmosphere along with the stone monumentality also provide an unusual flavour to the indoor areas.”

“Thanks to the engine room located in the bow, the layout is out of the ordinary,” continues Alessio Battistini “with an amazing owner's area for this type of boat, along with the large beach area and the use of innovative materials for the furniture brought WIDER 150 to be one of the most discussed superyachts now on the market.”

“Working with Tilli Antonelli and the WIDER Team is a stimulus in order to reach always different and innovative solutions. The project was born around the 'master area’ and the beach area, and we have been helped by the innovative propulsion of the Wider 150, which allowed us to deploy the technical areas below deck in an unusual way. Throughout the collaboration with the Shipyard we were able to offer the customer huge living spaces, both for private and common use. This is confirmed by the owner’s apartment of 75 square meters, extraordinary on a motor yacht under 50 meters.”

The owner’s apartment is a standout feature on board WIDER 150, offering unparalleled space, created by a world of innovations throughout the project which furthers life on board. The WIDER 150 superyacht will be on display at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show from September 28th - October 1st, representing a new school of thought in terms of superyacht design, construction and experience.

By Ben Roberts
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