WIDER Yachts Launches the W165 Superyacht Cecilia

By Ben Roberts

Following on from the highly-acclaimed WIDER 150, the 165 superyacht known as ‘Cecilia’ has left the shipyard in Ancona this week; introduced to the water in true style as WIDER welcomes the second member of the high-tech fleet.

The sleek and sporty profile of the 50-metre 165 measures in at just under 500GT, and with an elegant all-aluminium body, this is a superyacht for the future. Much like her slightly smaller sister ship, the 165 is filled with cutting-edge lifestyle advancements, an open layout and a fleet of toys.

The signature garage layout of the WIDER fleet is an embodiment of transformation, allowing guests to convert the spacious tender garage for a WIDER 32, or submarine, into a luxury beach area depending on the want of the client. Both inside and out, the WIDER 165 satisfies the desires of the most adventurous owner as well as guests in search of total comfort anywhere in the world.

Comfort on board is engineered through award-winning noise and vibration reduction, thanks to a diesel electric propulsion system combined with a 544 kWh Lithium polymer battery bank and Azimuthal pods, which is also said to guarantee significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Aside from the innovative engineering, one of the most notable design elements on board is the Owner’s apartment, famous on the WIDER 150, and the side balcony which brings guests as close to the ocean as possible.

In the coming weeks the WIDER team will work closely with the technical staff and suppliers to ensure that every aspect of Cecilia meets the same level of excellence of the 150. The WIDER 165, project Cecilia, is currently available for sale at 30m euro and will be ready for delivery this summer.

By Ben Roberts
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