Winch Design Launch First Publication

By Anna Solomon

Last week, Winch Design presented to the public a chic new publication showcasing their work in the world of bespoke luxury design. The multi-disciplinary firm, founded by internationally regarded designer Andrew Winch, is a world-leader in the interior and exterior modelling of yachts, planes and properties. Presented at an exclusive launch, the book is a beautifully curated chronicle of designs that pioneer land, sea and air.

Winch Design began its journey in 1986. Initially specialising in yacht architecture, the firm forayed into private jet and residential design after establishing itself as a leading industry contender in made-to-measure interiors.

This publication, therefore, has been a long time coming. It is an in depth look at the world of luxury lifestyle, compiling some of the best, boldest and most beautiful designs to come out of the London studio. It further entails exclusive peeks at original drawings and photographs, as well as the artistic forces that have shaped the Andrew Winch concept. The book reveals the creative genius of modern era greats such as Picasso, Matisse, Yves Klein, Frank Lloyd Wright and Pierre Chareau as the influences that make the designer tick.

Winch designs are meticulously executed, resulting in a level of finesse little seen elsewhere. However, they also strike an integral balance between aesthetic flawlessness and habitability, possessing an all important touch of bespoke that makes them far from interchangeable. What is consistent in the spaces, however, is a watermark of quality that has earned the firm countless accolades from some of the most discerning clients in the industry.

During the book launch, readers were able to peruse the most exclusive, elusive and elaborate cases of interior design in motion. The volume is a visual and imaginative feast for architectural enthusiasts and beauty admirers alike, and a definitive moment in the firm’s development. 

Winch Design are proud to be making a donation from each copy sold to The Blue Marine Foundation, who work tirelessly to conserve our oceans and create sustainable fishing methods. Proceeds will go towards helping BLUE achieve their objective of protecting 30% of global oceans by 2020.

By Anna Solomon
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