Worth Avenue Yachts Introduce New Sunrise Project Skyfall

By Ben Roberts

Shortly after selling Diamonds Are Forever, Worth Avenue Yachts has brokered a deal for a new build project for the same owners, John and Jeanette Staluppi, under the name of Skyfall.

Set to enter construction at the Sunrise shipyard, this is to be the owners nineteenth and largest project to date - set to launch in 2017. Skyfall measures 68m and features an exterior design by Vallicelli & Co with interiors by Focus Yacht Design.

“It means a lot to us to be chose to build such an ambitious project, especially for one of the world’s most experienced yacht owners. It is both an acknowledgement of our achievements in the six short years of our shipyard’s operation, and a motivation to further pursue excellence in our standards. We are looking forward with great anticipation to this unique opportunity that is creating a floating work of art with creative and competent people.”

Worth Avenue Yachts, who have been advising the clients, will be following up on the project’s construction until delivery in 2017. “There are some yachts that become game changers, that alter the desires and aspirations of future designs simply becoming ‘the way of the future’; this is one of those yachts.” states Worth broker Peter Thompson.

Project Skyfall is a fast displacement, steel hull and aluminium superstructure, transatlantic luxury motor yacht designed to meet to the owner’s particular requirements in terms of aesthetics, speed and comfort. Not only will this yacht be a stunning addition to the global superyacht fleet, but holds technologies never before combined in yacht engineering, such as the Voith Linear Jet propulsion system for performance, reliability and silence.  

By Ben Roberts