Yacht Charter Focus: Ocean Sapphire and Beyond

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Futuristic and feisty, Ocean Sapphire by Rodriguez Yachts divided opinion like nothing before when she launched back in 2010. Not one of her 41-metres resonates classic superyacht and that is exactly the reason to choose her for your next charter.

From the outside, Ocean Sapphire is both striking and intriguing. Slicing the water at a modest 14 knots, her solar-silhouette isn’t just there to catch the attention of onlookers (although indeed, this yacht isn’t one for the shy) rather, it cleverly maximizes the use of indoor and outdoor space to ensure all 12 of your guests have plenty of room to revel in her space-age style.

Step inside and the story is similar. Much like her façade, famed Norman Foster designed her interior with strong lines in mind. As vivid as her bold exterior curves, what lies beneath is sharp and slick, maximizing space and ensuring there is more than enough room to spread your wings. In fact, her family focus is paramount, offering 30 percent more relaxation-room than any other yacht in her class.

But cruising across the Mediterranean on Ocean Sapphire isn’t just about playing odyssey on Earth; there’s a certain satisfaction only obtainable on board a vessel so modern and distinctive, whilst exploring the historical and craggy coastlines of Europe’s continental cities.

Enjoy the extensive technology of her gymnasium whilst watching the sun set over the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik; make the most of her open-air entertainment systems on a balmy summer night or have 7 crew members serve and al-fresco dinner overlooking the Balearics.  However you choose to spend your charter, Ocean Sapphire provides everything you’ll ever need with a 22nd century twist.

Ocean Sapphire is available for charter this Summer Season with Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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