Y.CO Headnorth Expedition Making Firm Progress

By Ben Roberts

AUDIO DIARY TWO: After speaking with Headnorth team member and Rugby star Danny Grewcock MBE this morning, the Y.CO team have provided another look into Day 3 of the charity expedition.

With high winds and a temperature of -30, the team are making excellent headway after walking another 8-10 miles closer to their goal of the geographical North Pole in clear conditions.

Having to battle through choppy ice and working in teams to keep pace, expedition leader Alan Chambers MBE FRGS received reports that bad weather was inbound. The teams then managed to set up their tents before the whiteout blew in; morale is still high and the chances of pushing forward another 8-9 miles are looking good.

We’ll be delivering more updates and audio diaries as they come, until then, click here to learn more about the aims and the charities driving these adventurers toward their ultimate goal: alternatively, you can click here to donate.

By Ben Roberts