Y.CO Headnorth Trek Over Halfway To The North Pole

By Ben Roberts

On their 100km journey to the North Pole in the name of two fantastic charities, the Y.CO Headnorth team has now updated us on their progress as they pass the halfway mark.

The team covered 10 miles yesterday despite poor visibility in the morning. In the afternoon, the expedition came across a natural ice maze, which we are told is a build-up of ice blocks caused by the constantly moving ice flows the team are walking through.

With a plan to get through the maze and continue on toward their ultimate goal, the team are now only 19 miles from the North Pole, and scheduled to arrive Friday night or Saturday morning. More updates are coming soon, but in the meantime you can get an update directly from the Arctic through Charlie Birkett’s (Co-founder of Y.CO) audio diary.

Find out more about their journey here, or to support the team on their final push to the end, click here to learn more about the charities behind the mission.

By Ben Roberts