Y.CO On The New Top 100 Entries Arriving In 2016

By Ben Roberts

Y.CO is a challenger brand within the brokerage and charter world, and a team of experts who all specialise in the experience of the superyacht lifestyle. Main sponsors of the Top 100 Largest Yachts Forecast, we spoke to Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett to discuss what the lifestyle on board a Top 100 yachts is all about and how the new Y.CO Link initiative is helping to make it better.

“This is the pinnacle of yachting,” explains Gary Wright, Co-founder of Y.CO, “this is what we all work for every day and we strive to build these boats to make clients enjoy the experience. They may come and do charter with us but one day they may own a yacht which features in the Top 100.”

The experience of the Top 100 lifestyle can be experienced from a single day’s chartering and can lead up to the construction of a brand new yacht within the world’s largest. To add another dimension to this experience, Charlie Birkett spoke to us about the new Y.CO Link systems.

“We’ve just launched Y.CO Link which is, what we term as, a revolutionary platform for charter clients to communicate with us,” adds Charlie Birkett, Co-founder of Y.CO. “It has really cutting-edge software and technologies but it encompasses all the itineraries tailored to each client, and also a collection of yachts they want to see and not just the traditional book of yachts we’ve been putting out over the last few years.”

The Top 100 superyacht fleet is an exclusive club of vessels which showcases the advancements in large yacht design and construction in vessels over 80 metres. While all yachts are an example of evolution at one phase in an industry’s heritage, new yards are entering in the 2016 Top 100 Forecast.

“It’s also an exciting year this year,” concludes Gary Wright. “We’re typically used to seeing the big Lurssens and the big Oceancos coming, but in 2016 I think we have a big yacht coming from Mariotti, we have the first of the 90 metre yachts coming from Benetti and I think we even have an 88 metre coming from Pride Mega Yachts in China. This is interesting.”

By Ben Roberts