Y.CO On The Top 100 & Giving Something Back

By Ben Roberts

Headline sponsors of the 2015 Top 100, Y.CO are one of the most progressive brokerage firms in the world and a team whose expertise isn’t just confined to the largest yachts in the world. Co-Founders Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett joined us in the ME Hotel to discuss the Top 100 and the very important message running throughout the evening.

“It’s the first event in the calendar year in superyachting and it’s mainly to look at what’s happened in 2014, the new launches and the new members of the Top 100 in terms of yachts,” explains Charlie Birkett, “but it’s also to look forward into 2015 and 2016 and what we might expect in terms of new launches.”

“It’s really a weather vane of how our industry is doing,” adds Gary Wright. “You can tell by the players who attend, it’s not easy to get everyone together in January but I think we can see pretty much everyone notable in the industry here today.”

Championing BLUE - a foundation which is working tirelessly to protect the worlds oceans - both Y.CO and Superyachts.com hosted the Top 100 with the underlying message of conserving the oceans on which the industry so heavily relies.

Watch the above video for more information on the initiatives in place within Y.CO and in conjunction with BLUE. 

By Ben Roberts