Y.CO Sponsor the Superyachts.com Destination Guides

By Ben Roberts

The charm of owning or chartering a superyacht lies not only with the freedom of the open water, but the idyllic backdrop that awaits you at your final destination. Cruising to your dream locations across the world is the raison d’être behind the luxury yachting lifestyle, and with this in mind, Superyachts.com can now proudly introduce the luxury yacht company Y.CO as the official sponsor of our comprehensive Destination Guides.

The sense of escape and tranquillity that the open water offers is unparalleled, and whilst superyachts provide everything the wayfaring traveller could ever wish for, where's the excitement without the intrepid search for new lands and better living?

Y.CO, the venerable Monaco-based charter and brokerage firm and experts in the luxury yachting lifestyle, has now joined forces with Superyachts.com to promote the world's most amazing cruising destinations and provide an in-depth world guide for the high-net-worth individual with a real sense of adventure.

The new Y.CO Destination Guides provide a detailed insight into the best locations the world has to offer; whether your dream escape is finding that idyllic island formation off the Caribbean or locating the perfect port in which to berth and soak up the local culture of a historic city.

With the upcoming charter season on the horizon, Y.CO and Superyachts.com will be introducing exciting new features to highlight the true potential of the luxury yachting lifestyle.

We will be releasing in-depth features which follow the voyages of specific superyachts in the impressive Y.CO charter fleet whilst providing an insight into how the elite traveller makes the most of the world’s varying coasts and landscapes.

We will also be introducing new, highly detailed itineraries surrounding the most luxurious cruising destinations; offering advice and highlights into local day activities, bustling nightlife and releasing brand-new Top 10 breakdowns of the perfect cruising opportunities across the globe.

The Y.CO Destination Guides will be a prime asset to the superyacht owner or charterer, and undoubtedly a page to watch over the next few months as we begin to lift the veil on the worlds most sought after hot spots and bring you more destinations, more itineraries and a unique insight into the true luxury yachting lifestyle.

By Ben Roberts