Y.CO's Gary Wright Talks Revolutionary Launches

By Ben Roberts

Gary Wright of Y.CO, CEO and Co-founder of one of the most exciting brokerage houses in the world, joined Superyachts.com for the launch of the 2014 Top 100 Largest Yachts Forecast to discuss his views on the new entrants into the large yacht fleet.

Last year was an incredible milestone for the superyacht industry as a wealth of game changing large yachts took to the water.

“I think undoubtedly we have to go straight to the top and look at Azzam,” comments Gary. “In a world where we’re seeing people really interested in new propulsion systems and new technologies, I think Azzam ticks all of those boxes [...] equally we can look to Feadship for Madame Gu, I think that’s a wonderful, wonderful yacht but I like Chopi Chopi from CRN in Italy; which I think goes to show not just the Northern European yards weathered the storm.”

Even with the recent crisis befalling yacht builders and brokers across 2009 onward, things are certainly starting to return to a stable level; emphasised by last years launches, and the forecasted arrivals into the Top 100 over 2014.

“I think that those markets we’ve always looked to remain,” explains Gary. “The markets that we work with in the Gulf, in Russia and it’s very good to see the United States coming back and the US is coming back very strongly. I don’t think we’ve seen quite the activity from the emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India that we anticipated but the US [...] is going to drive the market over 2014.”

For an in depth insight into the new launches coming over 2014, watch the above video or visit the Top 100 pages, here.

By Ben Roberts