YXXI Yacht Design’s Home From Home Concept

By Anna Solomon

YXXI Yacht Design have released information about their latest project: Project #6. The overarching concept for the yacht is a family sized, family friendly vessel that should feel like a floating home from home.

The colossal 90.5m yacht will be able to accommodate 18 guests and 27 crew. It’s size and capacity alone give it the hallmarks of a floating mansion, however the challenge that YXXI undertook was the maximising of both interior and exterior space. Rooms are open and airy, characterised by a feeling of continuity between indoors and out.

Because of the yacht’s family-friendly designation, Project #6 will have a particular emphasis on safety, with 1m high fences encircling all decks (apart from the upper-rear and the water-level aft platforms, where precautions can be easily installed) to minimise risk to children.

The concept is also pioneering technologically, with all windows constructed out of electrochromic glass, which can be set to automatically or manually tint depending on sunlight and desired visibility. The yacht also benefits from an elevator to all decks, and the flexible arrangement of interior spaces to accommodate the needs of guests.

Project #6’s upper deck possesses a spacious fitness room, whose wide doors can be thrown open to enjoy an invigorating sea breeze. An helistation is installed to the rear of the deck, an invaluable feature that allows for quick and safe connections wherever you are. When out of use, the helistation is converted into a basketball court with retractable netting - this truly is a yacht that has thought of everything, optimising every inch of space to create a universally appealing vessel.

The main deck features the owner’s suite, 2 VIP suites and the upper living room, which opens onto a main terrace possessing a spa and swimming pool. Luxurious outdoor spaces continue with a spa, sunbathing area and lounge sofa with central fireplace in the bow.

Descending to the lower deck, which spans three different levels for service, private and communal use, there is an anchor room and tender garage with folding hull doors for easy docking and water-toy management. This deck is also dedicated to guest rooms; a space which can be ingeniously manipulated into either four slightly larger, or six slightly smaller suites. Finally, guests have access to a comfortable lounge-living room encased in glass walls that can be opened to welcome the outdoors in.

The lower deck, finally, is an intriguing feat of design. It is an integrated glass-panelled steel structure, which has a ‘floating’ mounting in the deck above. The structure is reinforced by 6 vertical pillars to increase its stability.

YXXI Yacht Design’s self proclaimed objective is to bring a fresh vision to yacht design, and by the sound of things, they have achieved this with Project #6. The concept not only pushes boundaries in terms of size, but pioneers form and layout. We very much look forward to seeing it on the water.

By Anna Solomon